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Oak Meadow Elementary Staff
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Oak Meadow Elementary Staff



Barbara Narez ~ BNarez@buckeyeusd.org 

~ Assistant to the Principal ~ 

Melinda Spooner ~ MSpooner@buckeyeusd.org  


Trisha Fishburn ~ PFishburn@buckeyeusd.org

Sharla Overstreet ~ SOverstreet@buckeyeusd.org


Transitional K  &  Kindergarten

Chris Nyquist ~ CNyquist@buckeyeusd.org      

Amy Gargani ~ AGargani@buckeyeusd.org

Mimi Nelson ~ MNelson@buckeyeusd.org 

Kelly Estes ~ KEstes@buckeyeusd.org

Kindergarten Report Card

~First Grade Teachers~

Emily Martin ~ EMartin@buckeyeusd.org

Melanie Freeland ~ MFreeland@buckeyeusd.org

Amy Amaral ~ AAmaral@buckeyeusd.org * Mrs. Amaral's Webpage

Sally Traub ~ STraub@buckeyeusd.org

Sandy Crippen ~ SCrippen@buckeyeusd.org

First Grade Report Card

~ Second Grade Teachers ~

Linda Ghilarducci ~ LGhilarducci@buckeyeusd.org 

Karrie Reali-Bays ~ KReali-Bays@buckeyeusd.org

Gina Buchanan ~ GBuchanan@buckeyeusd.org

Nicki Alexander ~ NAlexander@buckeyeusd.org 

 Marti Russ ~ MRuss@buckeyeusd.org

Audrey Gomez ~ AGomez@buckeyeusd.org

Second Grade Report Card

~ 2nd/3rd Grade Combo ~

Tammy Baker ~ TBaker@buckeyeusd.org

~Third Grade Teachers~

Jill Waldie ~ JWaldie@buckeyeusd.org

Bill Frame ~ WFrame@buckeyeusd.org

Lindsey Plitt ~ LPlitt@buckeyeusd.org

Tiffany Morgante ~ TMorgante@buckeyeusd.org

Rebecca Kay ~ RKay@buckeyeusd.org

Third Grade Report Card

~Fourth Grade Teachers~

Mary Ann Brennan ~ MBrennan@buckeyeusd.org

Alexa Lopez ~ ALopez@buckeyeusd.org 

Kori Carey ~ KCarey@buckeyeusd.org ~Mrs. Carey's Website

Jennifer Currie ~ JCurrie@buckeyeusd.org ~ Mrs. Currie's Website

Dan Lewandowski ~ DLewandowski@buckeyeusd.org

Fourth Grade Report Card

~Fifth Grade Teachers~

Susan Burkland ~ SBurkland@buckeyeusd.org * Mrs. Burkland's Webpage

Cindi Prahl ~ CPrahl@buckeyeusd.org  *  Mrs. Prahl's Webpage

Heather Quintrall ~ HQuintrall@buckeyeusd.org

Nancy Savage ~ NSavage@buckeyeusd.org * Mrs. Savage's Webpage

Fifth Grade Report Card

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~Oak Meadow Support Staff~



Michelle Downing ~ MDowning@buckeyeusd.org


~Health Clerk~

Luz Shaw ~ LShaw@buckeyeusd.org



Suzanne Lewis ~ SLewis@buckeyeusd.org

Tracy Stellmacher ~ TStellmacher@buckeyeusd.org

Natalie Neff ~ NOrsak-neff@buckeyeusd.org



Gail Scarr ~ GScarr@edcoe.org

Gina Wiskus ~ GWiskus@edcoe.org


~School Counselor~

~Leslee Spencer-Long ~



~School Psychologist~

Emily Flitsch ~ EFlitsch@buckeyeusd.org



Nick Rust ~ NRust@buckeyeusd.org

Michael Johnson ~ MJohnson@buckeyeusd.org


~Head Custodian~

Mike Meyer ~ MMeyer@buckeyeusd.org



Crystal Coppin ~ CCoppin@buckeyeusd.org


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